ARA Lab would like to acknowledge supports from NSF, NASA, DOT, and UNR.





Federal Grants

8. NSF Grant: REU Site: Collaborative Human-Robot  Interaction, $360,000. Duration 3 years: Feb. 2018-Jan. 2021. My role: Senior Personnel.

7. NASA-Space Grant: Collaborative Control of Multiple UAVs for Wildfire Tracking and Monitoring, $30,000. Duration 1 year: 2017-2018. My role: Principal Investigator.

6. DOT-UTC Grant: Inspecting and Preserving Infrastructure through Robotic Exploration (INSPIRE). Department of Transportation. UNR portion: $725,000, Duration 5 years: 2016-2022. My role: Principal Investigator. Link

5. NASA-Seed Grant Award: Nevada NASA EPSCoR Progam: UGV-UAV Hybrid System for Unstructured Environment Exploration, $83,523. Duration 1 year: 2017-2018. My role: Principal Investigator.

4. NSF-IIP: Advanced 3D Software for Ground Penetrating Radars, $50,000. My role: Principal Investigator. Link

3. NSF-IIP: Drone and Robotic Systems for Civil Infrastructure Inspection and Environmental Monitoring, $50,000. My role: Principal Investigator. Link

2. NSF-IIP: Development and Commercialization of Bridge Inspection Robotic Systems, $50,000. My role: Principal Investigator. Link

1.NSF-IIS: Collaborative Research: Minimally Invasive Robotic Non-Destructive Evaluation and Rehabilitation for Bridge Decks (Bridge-MINDER), $928,499. My role: Co-Principal Investigator. Link



Current Projects

Project 1. Automated Civil Infrastructure Inspection with Robotic Systems

Project 2. Multi-Robot Cooperative Control and Learning

Project 3. Development of Intelligent Wheelchair (iChair)


Past Projects

Research at Rutgers University

Project 1. Development of Robotics Assisted Bridge Inspection Tool (RABIT).

Project 2. Development of Rehabilitation Robotic System for Bridge Deck Crack Detection and Healing


Research at Oklahoma State University

Project 1: Distributed Sensing, Learning and Control in Mobile Sensor Networks

Project 2: Develop a Tracking Algorithm for the Low Accurate Model of the Radio Controlled Car Like Robot

Project 3: Robust Adaptive Control  for a Nonlinear Model of Ionic Polymer Metal Composites (IPMC)

Project 4: Autonomous Cracks Detection and Complete Coverage Path Planning Using Mobile Robot