Welcome to ARA Lab!

The Advanced Robotics and Automation (ARA) Laboratory was established in July 2014 by Dr. Hung La. ARA Lab’s mission statement is to discover, develop, implement innovative algorithms and methodologies as well as prototypes for robotics and automation systems, and their applications.

ARA Lab is located at the Advanced Research Facility (ARF) Building: ARF 118, ARF 120; and Edmund Cain Hall: CAIN 253A. ARA Lab has various state-of-the-art equipment including motion capture system (from Motion Analysis), drones, mobile robots, Seekur Jr robot, steel bridge climbing robots, robotnik+manipulator, ground penetrating radar (GPR), Electrical Resistivity Probes, Laser scanners, LiDAR, Humanoid robots, Cameras, High Accuracy Novatel DGPS, IMUs, PCs, etc.

ARA Lab’s research focus on the areas of autonomous systems, multi-robot systems, control systems, human-robot collaboration, and wearable computing. We would like to welcome any students who are interested in these exciting research areas.

Dr. Hung (Jim) La,
Director of ARA Lab
Assistant Professor,
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Nevada Reno