Research Area 5: Development of Intelligent Wheelchair (iChair)



(iChair) Intelligent Wheelchair is a robot that will assist severely disabled people deal with daily living activities. Unlike any of the existing wheelchairs, the proposed iChair can maximize the independent mobility for many types of disabilities in any circumstances. One of the most sophisticated features of the proposed iChair is that disabled people can interact with the iChair through intelligence and the slightest head movement. The robotic arms will be integrated with the iChair to enable various daily living activities to be performed independently, reducing the burden on caregivers and boosting spirits of Quads, and their loved ones alike.




The iChair project will focus on the following research objectives:

(1) Human-iChair Interactions

(2) Robotic Arm Assistant (RAA)

(3) Autonomous iChair navigation

(4)  Retractable Roof & Heads-up Display (RR & HD)




Dr. Leaman was invited to present his iChair research at TEDx, Davidson Academy, Reno, NV (March 2016)