Research Area 1: Automated Civil Infrastructure Inspection with Robotic Systems



Currently, there are more than thousands of bridges in the United States which have been subjected to extreme deterioration due to various mechanical and weather conditions, inadequate maintenance, and deficiencies in inspection and evaluation. Many bridges that collapsed recently strongly warned us of inadequate use of technologies for accurately assessing the condition of bridges. Hence the threat to safety of aging bridges has been recognized as a growing problem of national concern to the general public. The potential economic and social impacts of these deteriorating bridges to the general public are enormous. The objective of this project is to develop a novel framework of Human-Robot Assisted Bridge Inspection Team (H-RABIT)


  • Development of multi-model Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) sensor fusion for fast and accurate detection of bridge structure defects
  • Robotic inspection networked system with the integration of NDE sensor fusion for in-traffic bridge inspection
  • Human-robot coordination for safe and efficient bridge inspection
  • Development of experimental platforms and field deployments for the H-RABIT system.

Demonstration Videos

1. Civil Infrastructure Inspection Robot

2. Steel Bridge Inspection Robots